Coating Thickness:

    MMO coating:5~10micron,Platinum coating: 0.5-5micron

Brief Description of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

The MMO anodes are composed of a titanium substrate coated with a mixed-metal-oxide catalyst. Because the 

titanium substrate is naturally passivated by an oxidizing film, the anode remains dimensionally stable over time. 

Direct current transfer is accomplished through the mixed-metal-oxide catalyst, which is highly conductive, 

and fully oxidized so that the higher current outputs are possible.

Material of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

Gr1/Gr2 Titanium as substrate, mmo coating

Technology of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

Sand blasting,Acid washing and Brush Coating|

Dimension & Shape of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

Different dimension and shape are available, process according to 
customized design/ drawing

Working Parameter of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

1) Current density≤2000A/M2

2) Temperature<60°C

3) PH 0.1~14

4) Max content of Fluoride ion is 200PPM

Packaging of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

Plastic or paper as inside, carton or plywood case as outside, or according to client's demand


Advantage of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

1) Insoluble anode, Stable dimension

2) Stable distance of the anode & cathode, Stable cell voltage

3) Low working voltage, save power/electricity 

4) High purity of the electroposited material

5) No pollution of the cell

6) Light weight

7) The titanium material is recyclable

8) High property of current efficiency & catalysis

9) Long working life


Application of  of MMO Titanium Anodized Piercing:

Electrodeposition for Cu, Zn,Ni,Co,Mn,Pd,Cr,Ag,Au,Rh etc

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