Alambre: 0.1-2mm

    Strip/tape:Thickness: 0.5-4mm,  Width:5-40mm

    Other: Customized.

Product Detail

According to the content of chemical elements and the structure of the structure, Electric resistance and heating alloys can be divided into two categories: 

one is iron-chromium-aluminum alloy series, and the other is nickel-chromium alloy series, which have their own advantages as electro-heat materials. And it is widely used.

Specification of Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy:

Alambre: 0.1-2mm
Strip/tape:Thickness: 0.5-4mm,  Width:5-40mm
Other: Customized.

Main advantages of Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy series:
The iron-chromium-aluminum electrothermal alloy has a high use temperature, the highest use temperature can reach 1400 degrees, (0cr21a16nb,  0cr27a17mo2, etc.), 

long service life, high surface load, good oxidation resistance, high resistivity and low price.

Chemical composition of Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy:

Physical Property of Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy:

Application of Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy:

1. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for Metallurgical machinery

2. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for Medical

3. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for Chemical industry

4. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for ceramics

5. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for electronic

6. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for Electrical appliances

7. Iron-Chromium-Aluminum Alloy for Industrial heating equipment such as glass and civil heating appliances etc.

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