Thinckness: 1mm- 20mm 


     Width: 30mm- 3000mm


     Length: ≤ 1000mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation choose high-quality molybdenum powder, sintered into a good performance of the slab, through a special rolling process rolling into molybdenum 

plate, in the latter part of the processing and use to reflect the good performance.

Shanghai Metal Corporation rolling molybdenum plate purity of up to 99.95%, the density can reach 10.2 grams/ cubic centimeter.

Specification of Molybdenum Plate:
1  Purity:Mo ≥99.95%;
2  Density: ≥10.2g/cm3;
3  Flatness: ≤2%;
4. Thinckness: 1mm- 20mm 
5. Width: 30mm- 3000mm

6. Length: ≤ 1000mm

Measurements and tolerances of Molybdenum Plate:

Packing of Molybdenum Plate:

Our company uses wooden box packaging, board with moisture- proof paper wrapped, filled with foam filled with plastic, to avoid problems in the transport process.

Application of Molybdenum plate:

Molybdenum plate is widely used as reflection shield, cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace, moly shield, heating tape, connecting parts applied invacuumfurnace, molybdenum sputtering in physical vapor deposition and so on.

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