Thickness: 0.5-80mm

    Width: 400mm-2500mm 

    Length: 400mm-8000mm 

Specification of Titaitium Plate / Sheet:

Titanium is a kind of rare nonferrous metal. Its density is 4.5g/cm³,it is just 60% of steel.So,it  is very lighter than most other metals.We can use it to make high strength, good rigidity and light quality products. It is also well-known as its high strength. It is able to work in the heat of 450-500°C continuously. Excellent corrosion resistance,it can work in the wet air,sea water,strong acid and strong alkai. Non magnetic nature:As it is a sort of Non magnetic metal,it cannot be magnetized easily.And its nontoxic nature,a very good compatibility with human tissue and blood.So,it is widely adopted in the field of Medical Science.

1.Standard: ASTM B265, ASME SB265, AMS4900, AMS4901, AMS4902

Thickness: 0.5-80mm
Width: 400mm-2500mm 
Length: 400mm-8000mm 

3.Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5(Ti-6AL-4V), Gr7, Gr9, Gr11, Gr12, etc.

4.Surface: Polishing, Pickling

Chemical Element of Titanium Sheet / Plate:

Packing of Titanium Sheet / Plate:

Usuall size is:1000*2000mm, or 1250*1250  

Out side packing by plywood case  

Plastic or Brown paper suround inside.  

White paper put in the middle

Features of Titanium Sheet / Plate: 

1. low density

2. good corrosion resistance property , rustless.

3. non magnetic nature

4. superior quality

5. fast delivery

6.reasonable price


Application of Titanium Sheet / Plate:

Petroleum, Metallurgy, Chemical, Pharmacy, Marine Engineering, Racing Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Yacht, Outdoor Camping and Sports Equipment. Medical industry, aerospace, spaceflight, airplane, military, etc.

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