Diameter: 0.02mm~2.6mm

    Copper Wire: GB/T3953

    Silver: GB/T41354

    Silver-Plated Soft Copper wire: JB/T3135 or ASTM B298

The silver-plated copper wire is silver-plated or drawn on high-quality oxygen-free copper, and has 

excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and high-temperature oxidation resistance.

Products detail of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

Specification of Silver Plated Copper Wire:
Diameter: 0.02mm~2.6mm

Material & Production Standard of Silver Plated Copper Wire:
1.Copper Wire: GB/T3953
3.Silver-Plated Soft Copper wire : JB/T3135 or ASTM B298

Resistivity of Silver Plated Copper Wire:
Not Exceed 0.017241           Ω.mm2/m,at 20 ℃, Coefficient of resistance

Dimensions & Tolerance of Silver Plated Copper Wire:
  Nominal Diameter (mm)            Permissible Variations (mm)
  0.02≤ d ≤0.26                           ±0.003
  0.26≤ d ≤2.60                           ±1% d

Mechanical Property of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

  Nominal Diameter (mm)     Tensile Strength (N/mm2) above     Elongation(%)

   0.02≤ d <0.100                  ----                                                6

   0.10≤ d <0.230                  196                                               15

   0.23≤ d <0.500                  196                                               20

   0.50≤ d ≤2.600                   196                                               25


Coating of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

 1.The plating of the conductor should be continuously plated on surface firmly, after testing   no black shall be on the sample’s surface.

 2.The conductor should be smooth and continuous on the surface, free from some injurious defects such as grains,burr,mechanical damage and so on.


Testing of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

  1.All products must be tested qualified before deliver, we have three processes for testing:IQC-IPQC-FQC, the quality certification report should be delivery together with each batch

  2.Products testing rule should be as follows:

   No     ITEM                                                      Testing Method

   1       Silver Percentage & Coating Thickness        Coating Thickness Tester

   2       Diameter & Tolerance                               Micrometer

   3       Appearance                                             Nominal Visual Test

   4       Continuity of plating                                 GB/T4909.9

   5       Mechanical Property                                  GB/T4909.3

   6       Resistivity                                               GB/T3048.2

Package of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

1.Finished products should be wrapped by brown paper & plastic warp then put in carton

2.Silver coated soft copper wire should be wond on reel. There should be some distance between products surface and the edge of reel

3.Delivery according to the agreement of the two sides

Advantage of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

  1. High Conductivity

  2. High Corrosion Resistance


Application of Silver Plated Copper Wire: 

 Widely used in the next generation of IT industry, notebook computers, health care equipment, digital smart terminal, electronic instruments, electronic money, intelligent robots, satellite antenna equipment, business machines, mobile mainframe station vehicle, mining equipment, seabed operation equipment, military-grade communication radar, heavy-duty transport aircraft and aerospace equipment.

Feature of Silver Plated Copper Wire:

1.Silver Coating:

uniform,continous,good adhensiion

2.Surface Finish:

The surface of silver coated copper wire is bright,continues and free from harmful defects such as silver grains,burr,mechanical damage


Manufacturing Shop of Silver Plated Copper Wire:


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