Алюминиевая фольга

Aluminum Foil For Cheese

    Grade:  1235, 8011, 8079


    Temper:  O


    Thickness:  0.007mm - 0.015mm, per customer's request


    Width:  60 - 520mm, per customer's request

Aluminum foil is used to provide a perfect barrier to light, moisture and other gases to prevent cheese from spoiling and to lock the fragrance well. Aluminum foil for aluminum foil cheese packaging conventionally has two structures, one is NC Primer / Aluminum foil / Heat-seal Lacquer, the thickness of aluminum foil is usually 11-15 microns, printed, unprinted, gold plated. Another structure is aluminum foil + 40 / 50gsm paper + 15gsm PE, which is typically 7/8 microns thick. This aluminum foil can also be used in chocolate, butter and candy packaging.


1.Grade: 1235, 8011, 8079,

2.Temper: O

3.Thickness: 0.007mm - 0.015mm, per customer's request

4.Width: 60 - 520mm, per customer's request

5.Core ID: 95mm / 76mm, Roll OD: Customized

6.Printing: Customized; Silver Gold etc


A. NC Primer / 11-15mincron Aluminum foil / Heat-seal Lacquer

B. 7 / 8micron aluminum foil + 40 / 50gsm paper + 15gsm PE

1.  Production flow chart:



2.  Chemical element :




3.  Processing method:  


Package of Aluminum foil for cheese


1. PE bag - Foam Cotton- Cartons on Pallet

2. PE bag- Foam Cotton - Wooden Cases

3. Customized.



Applications: For wrapping cheese, chocolate, butter, confection etc.


1. Aluminum foil for cheese


2.  Aluminum foil for chocolate


3.  Advantages:

(1) Very good machinability

(2) Excellent gloss, brilliant appearance

(3) Excellent impermeability to water vapor and gas

(4) High protection against flavor loss, extend shelf life

(5) Take less storage space

(6) Generate less waste than many other packaging materials

(7) Nontoxic and hygienic

(8) Greaseproof and non-absorptive to liquids

(9) Light in weight, moisture - proof,  contaminants resostamt, uv proof

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