Copper Width:600mm;800mm;1000mm;1220mm;1250mm

    Copper Thickness:0.08mm-0.55mm

    Coating:PE, PVDF

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Copper Composite Panel manufacturer and supplier.

The surface of the copper-plastic composite panel is unique in copper, and the temperament is luxurious. It can be directly decorated and decorated with the original color of copper. The copper-plastic panel has strong bactericidal property and excellent corrosion resistance, and the surface is flat and easy to process. The structure uses copper-plastic-aluminum/copper composite, which saves a lot of precious copper material than single copper plate. The copper surface can also be colored into special colors such as copper green and bronze, and the decorative effect is more gorgeous and elegant. Rich in royal palace-like antiques, the service life is more than 30 years.

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Technical Information of Copper Composite Panel:

1.Copper or Brass alloy: C1100 and C2800

2.Aluminum alloy:3003-H26(H24) 

3.Form: a.Copper/brass +LDPE+Aluminum



Specification of Copper Composite Panel:

1.Copper Surface: Red copper, brass,embossed,brushed and other three-dimensional and fashionable embossed patina effect

3.Copper Width: 600mm;800mm;1000mm;1220mm;1250mm

4.Copper Thickness: 0.08mm-0.55mm

5.Coating: PE, PVDF

Packaging of Copper Composite Panel:

Wooden Carton


Applications of Copper Composite Panel:

Use in building decoration, building wall


Advantages of Copper Composite Panel:

1. High stability

2. low maintenance cost

3. safety guarantee


Features of Copper Composite Panel:

1. High stability,low maintenance cost,environmental-friendly,safety guarantee,easy processing and highly corrosion-resistant

2. Has the best malleability among the construction metals,therefore can be used in varieties of architectural styles

3. Copper can form a solid,nontoxic protective layer,commonly know as “verdigris”even in the very high corrosive environment. Its chemical composition depends on the air condition, but the protective effect of various “verdigris” is basically the same. This passivation layer is very stable and can regenerate the damage automatically

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