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Embossing Roller & Knurling Roller

    Material: Stainless steel pipe,Carbon steel pipe,Alloy steel pipe

    Max Diameter: 1000mm

    Max Length: 6000mm

Product Detail
Products details of Embossing Roller & Knurling Roller:

The embossing roller is suitable for pressing the embossing pattern of plastic sheet, film, aluminum foil, leather, hard board, wallpaper, floor tile, glass, paper, etc., 

to improve the surface aesthetics, strengthen anti-counterfeiting, protect trademarks and other effects. According to customer requirements, we can develop 

embossing rolls of different patterns.

Roll diameter: up to Φ1000mm,
Roll length: up to 6000m;
Chrome plating thickness: 0.03-0.12mm
TIR on Straightness and concentricity: ≤0,01mm;

Modern processing
Insure pattern up to 98% 
2D or 3D pattern
Laser engraving, CNC engraving, Etching engraving

3) Structure
Multi-layer screw
Z flow

4) Surface
Tungsten carbide 

Technical Information of Embossing Roller & Knurling Roller :

1) The material of the roller body is generally made of high-quality seamless steel pipe (special material can be customized according to user's needs). After boring the inner hole, the thickness of the pipe wall is uniform and then welded, destressed, car, milled and finished.

2) correct static balance and dynamic balance processing; finished roller coaxiality ≤ 0.02mm;

3) according to the pattern, using different processing techniques, to achieve a clear line of the product, the pattern is exquisite, the layer is rich, the size is accurate.

4) the final surface is plated with hard chrome or other treatment, the hardness can reach HRC58-62.

Application of Embossing Roller & Knurling Roller

1) Paper industry: art paper, wallpaper, paper towels, cigarettes, beer aluminum foil, various wrapping paper, specialty paper.

2) Plastic industry: artificial leather, PU leather, various plastics (film, sheet, sheet), plastic carpet, car interior carpet, placemat, hot stamping tablecloth, advertising light box cloth, Oxford cloth composite and various conveyor belts.

3) Rubber industry: rubber carpets, sole patterns and various industrial transmissions.

4) Non-woven fabric industry: various flower-shaped hot rolled non-woven fabrics

5) Textile industry: embossing, lining sizing, interlining composite on various textile materials

6) Construction hardware industry: architectural decorative panels, non-slip aluminum panels, flower glass, wood-plastic panels, door covers and embossing on stainless steel decorative tread plates.

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