Стальная труба

Резиновый шланг

    Outer: anti-aging and wear-resistance

    Inner: wear-resistance

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading rubber hose manufacturer and supplier. Rubber hose is steel wire braided hose. The hose consists of an inner rubber layer, a steel wire braided layer and an outer rubber layer.It is suitable for transporting hydraulic fluids, such as alcohol, fuel oil, lubricants, emulsifiers and so on.

The inner layer is wear-resistance and the outer layer is good at anti-aging and wear-resistance. The burst pressure of the hose is four times or higher than the working pressure.

The hose is made of the synthetic rubber which is excellent in oil-resistance. Outer layer’s ozone-resistance property conform to the standard of ISO 7326:2006,IDT. The body is light,has good flexibility and anti-aging.

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