Стальная труба

Flange Dismantling Joint

Single-flange dismantling joint is composed of main body, sealing ring, follower, expansion pipe, it is the new product to connect pump and valve 

with pipelines. VSSJAFG single-flange dismantling joint applies to one side connect to flange, the other side weld to pipeline. When installation, 

adjust length of product at both ends with pipes or flanges, then screw down gland bolts and make them into a whole, and leave certain 

displacement amount, to convenient for install and maintain, also available for adjustment according to actual size. It can transmit axial thrust to 

whole pipeline, not only improved working efficiency, but also protected pump and valves. 

PN1.0Mpa                       Unit (mm)



Applies for conveying seawater, fresh water, hot and cold water, drinking water, sewage, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, air, gas, temperature no higher than 250 degrees steam and particulate powder and other media. 



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