PE Cling Film

    Material: PE

    Type: Twist Film, Shrink Film, Food Grade Cling Film

    Usage: Cling Film, Packaging Film

    Hardness: Soft

Specifications of PE Cling Film
Material: PE
Type: Twist Film, Shrink Film, Food Grade Cling Film
Usage: Cling Film, Packaging Film
Hardness: Soft
Transparency: Transparent
Brand Name: SMC
Product name: PE cling film
Color: Transparent
Thickness: 9mic-15mic
Width: 20cm-45cm
Length: 30 to 500m
Packing: Carton



Applications of PE Cling Film:

Prevent food spoilage caused by the entry of bacteria into the air

Food preservation fresh prevent dry and hardening

Could be placed in the refrigerator, frozen preservation, prevent the food taste mixing in the fridge

It can be used to heat food in a microwave oven


Advantages of PE Cling Film:

Service Light duty design, great for foodservice

Fit loosely for easy glove changing and comfort 

Ideal for delis, sandwich shops, kiosks, concession stands, and more

Medium sizing

100% latex free

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