Maximum input voltage: 1000V

    MPP Voltage range: 500~820V

    Voltage range of power grid: 10~35kV

Integrated high-efficiency step-up transformer, power distribution and monitoring, turnkey solutions, rapid installation of container design, convenient transportation and installation, protection and improvement of inverter transformer maintenance, the user more worry reducing the total cost of investment, improve the efficiency of the system, the cost savings of 15% integral lifting, fast and convenient, greatly shorten the construction period of hydropower station construction cost savings. Reduce the construction difficulty and uncontrollable risk.

Features of Boost Inverter:
1. The internal integrated inverter and the boost unit have lower system loss.
2. The cell array can reach 2.5MW, which greatly reduces the cost of the system.
3. A custom transformer is used to deal with various application scenarios flexibly.
4. Standardized unit overall scheme, fast debugging access to grid.

Technical Information of Boost Inverter:


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