The growth of disposable medical supplies in Global market will promote the development of the plastics industry

According to a global disposable medical supplies reach report from the US Freedonia Group, the prevention of hospital infections, the global increase in outpatient and inpatient and direct-to-consumer sales rising medical supplies will stimulate global disposable medical supplies development of the field. According to its forecast, disposable medical supplies, global demand growth rate will reach 6.6%, to 2018, market capitalization of $ 245 billion.
Although the United States, Western Europe and Japan, growth slowed in mature markets, emerging economies will further enhance the modern medical infrastructure, the implementation of a formal agreement infection prevention, promote the development of disposable medical supplies market.
Ten largest markets are the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Brazil, India, Italy and the UK, to 2018 two-thirds of total global demand. According to analyst Bill Martneau, in the forecast period, the average annual growth rate of these markets varies, with Japan the lowest, 3.6%, China's highest, at 15%.
The report notes that a one-time medical supplies needed for the production of raw materials in global demand, the largest proportion is plastic, will rise in the annual growth rate of 5.4%, to 2018 market capitalization of $ 14.3 billion. North America will continue to occupy the largest share, market capitalization of $ 5.3 billion, but growth in Asia Pacific will remain the fastest. According to Freedonia Group estimates that by 2023, the market value of raw materials, disposable medical supplies in Asia Pacific will reach $ 5.7 billion, more than in Western Europe, North America immediately after, the world's second largest market.