Benefits from internship with Shanghai Metal Corp.

Benefits from SMC

Shanghai Metal Corporation runs an international trade from all over the world. We are able to provide you with high quality internship with minimum hassle. 

Diversify Your Team

Work environments today are increasingly becoming international. Workplaces with a diverse staff are exposed to a variety of new ideas, ways of thinking and experiences when it comes to problem solving. Diversifying your team means coming up with creative ways of reaching your goals. Furthermore, it’s a great learning opportunity for everyone.

Discover New Talent

Having an intern onboard is a low-cost way to discover new talent. Plenty of host companies and organizations often hire interns full or part time, citing a strong work ethic and high quality work as reasons why. Many of our former interns are now occupying managerial positions after being hired as full-time staff members.

Build Ties with International Markets

For companies that aspire to “go global,” cultural intelligence is essential. The launch of a new product can completely flop without the cultural insight needed to tap into foreign markets. International interns are key to help your company or organization understands overseas markets and target consumers.

More Efficient Recruiting

We screen candidate interns for you. That means no time lost rummaging through hundreds of resumes on your end – let us do that work.

Avoid the Headaches of Bureaucracy

Each intern requires a visa to work at a host company or organization. But don’t worry: Getin2China handles this part for you. We ensure that the proper visa is acquired before day one. This greatly simplifies the recruitment process, allowing you more time to focus on choosing the ideal intern for the job.


Passionate and Energetic Interns

Interns are young, dynamic, energetic and most of all passionate. Not only do they want real job experience, they want to please. Interns are flexible, so they can work long hours; and they are versatile, so they can serve a variety of roles on the job. They are eager to develop their skills and learn from seasoned professionals. An intern is an invaluable asset to any company.