Internship in China

China has opened a gateway to a whole new world of revolutionized products and services, making it one of the most frequently visited countries for career-orientated graduates. The job market in China has skyrocketed recently due to the expansion of various industries which welcome students from abroad to share their knowledge and skills. Working as an intern is certainly an eye-opener and a great stepping stone towards working responsibly and independently in your preferred career path.

This unique international experience allows participants to gain an insight into Chinese business culture, Chinese language, and develop professional networks Our goal is to help you bridge the gap between the student and professional world by bringing the classroom to the workplace. 

Typically our interns are outgoing, ambitious individuals who want to get ahead in their chosen careers. Interns should be keen to take on challenges and responsibilities, and should be able to use their initiative to work independently within their companies. As an intern in Shanghai Metal Corporation, you will be given varied tasks within your industry sector through which you can prove your skills, determination and commitment to your professional development.

What’s included?

If you choose Shanghai Metal, you will receive;      

Welcome Package: We can help you to have SIM Card and Transportation Card.     

Air Port Pick up The Shanghai Metal Team will pick interns up at the airport and drive them to their apartment or our company.                        

Accommodation We can help you to find a shared apartment if you in need of that, which will be well decorated, have a private room, have convenient transportation, and be in the city center. You will be able to stay with other interns from around the world and expand your internationalnetwork.

System Training Shanghai Metal will introduce you the task you should accomplish here, like the company structure, our main products,  how to use our working system, your daily work, etc.